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26 Jul

Soaking Onions

The smell of onions, garlic or fish cooking in my house is enough to make me want to hurl. Even the fish isle (and the cleaner isle) at the grocery store can get me green around the gills. Why? I have no idea. Was I always like this? Nope. Just since getting pregnant with Quinn.

Some people have great pregnancies, they are happy, healthy and feel great. I am very happy for them and wish that for everyone. This was not my experience. The name “morning sickness” (visualize angry air quotes) is a cruel misnomer invented to torture those of us who could toss cookies all day everyday for 5 (with Quinn) to 7 (with Max) months straight. It would take me an hour to make something to eat and force it down my throat. Then after yodeling in the porcelain canyon, I would sit there staring at it wondering weather it was worth all of the effort and if I was getting any calories anyway.

I actually didn’t gain past my pre-pregnancy weight both times until 26 weeks. Some people get cravings, I just got aversions. I began to loath the smell, the taste, even the idea of food. All food. Judd actually threatened that if I didn’t start eating, he was going to take me to the hospital and hook me up to an IV. I swear to you, in my head, the first thing I thought was, “Hum, that not such a bad idea. Then I wouldn’t have to eat anything.” I got so good at shouting at the ground that I could tell how bad it was going to be and weather I was going to need to give my abdominal muscles extra support or not. I was physically miserable every second of every minuet of every hour of every day. Even when I stopped blowing chunks, (at 5 or 7 months) and when I woke up in the middle of the night, I was nauseous.

Most of this has gone away, woohoo!, but for some reason my aversion to onions, garlic, fish and supermarket cleaners has stayed.

Sadly, I adore Greek salad, but I can’t usually stand the smell or the strength of the taste of raw onions. So when I say that I have learned some tricks that have allowed me to cut and eat raw, red onions, believe me when I tell you they are MAGIC.

First, wear sunglasses when cutting so you don’t get the onion squirt which causes the “crying” and keeps the smell of onion on you.

Second, soak the sliced or chopped or minced onions in cold salt water for about 10 or 15 minutes. This takes out the sharp bite, and makes them very mild and almost sweet.

And C, (just kidding) Third, sprinkle salt on the cutting board and then scrub it with a used half of a lemon. You can also use this on your hands and it completely removes the onion smell from the cutting board (which I could smell onion on even after it has been through the dishwasher) and your hands. Also works for lobster smell.

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    mystic_eye Says:

    I am the same when I am pregnant; except I don’t get sick so much as I just can’t eat (though if I force myself to eat then I feel as if I will throw up).

    With my first I lost 30lbs from 2-4 months then only regained around 10 by the end. Perfectly healthy 8lbs 2oz baby who came a bit late.

    My second I lost 15 lbs and then gained them back by the end. Again perfectly healthy 8lbs baby though he decided to come a bit early (37 weeks; don’t go from semi-bed rest to walking around for 9 hours on your feet. The bed rest was for SPD (pelvis pain) it has no effect on the baby or even mom, its just painful and sucks.

    I have an awesome midwife though who just says if you can’t eat much try to make what you eat as healthy as you can; but if all you can manage is empty calories (like white pasta, chips, etc) its still better than not eating at all. Never bothered with my weight, only cares how mom feels and looks.

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