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16 Apr

Max on the Monkeybars

I’ve realized, while watching my children doing possible dangerous things, that the only difference between me and my fabulously “crazy” Jewish grandmother is that she said all the “get down from there”s and “God forbid”s out loud. I try to just scream them inside my head… mostly…

13 Oct

Off on an Adventure: Part 2-Where the Au Pair’s Sobbing Fiancée Calls Repeatedly

So when we left our intrepid storyteller in part 1 of our epic adventure tale, Marylin, the booger light switch tagging, freak show of an au pair had just been sent home to Panama, and Minerva, our new - please don’t be a freak - au pair had just arrived on November 6th 2009, from [...]

01 Oct

Blessings of a Skinned Knee

Yes, this is the title of a great book about parenting in a world where entitlement and competition abound and the values of our culture are at odds with what we wish to uphold and instill. Instead of anxious overparenting, the book points the way to raising self-reliant, grateful, optimistic children and interestingly (to me) [...]

28 Sep

Slacker Mom Strikes Again

So as usual I’ve dropped the ball:) Max and Quinn brought home a fundraiser from school and I promptly forgot about it until CSP found the notice again this morning. That said, please don’t feel you are under any obligation whatsoever. I’m just sending this out last minute so I am not a complete PTA [...]

21 Aug

Judd’s Mom is Out of the ICU and Craig’s List Made Me Cry

As most of you know, Captain Smarty Pants is in CT with his mom. The surgery had some complications, so instead of going home today, she just got out of the ICU last night. She is very stable now and getting better so we are all very very relieved.
So as we were moving in to [...]

06 Jul

Off on an Adventure: Part 1 – Where we Almost Commit a Federal Offense

So I bet you have been wondering where the heck I have been.
I know! Right?
I’m still wondering when I’m going to get my holiday card out (for 2009) and thank you notes from the boys birthdays (April) and my crochet post (October) posted.
So here’s a run down of the adventure we have been on. Yes [...]

07 Dec

The Village People are Swimming Laps in my Dreams

Why you ask? Because I joined the YMCA last week and that’s just how my loco brain and I roll, that’s why.
So my sister Maria is here for 5 weeks <woot!> and somehow the weekend before Thanksgiving when we were in NYC to see A Steady Rain, we decided that if you do something for [...]

27 Oct

Max and the Penguin Mummies

I am not sure if it is the season, or Max is just going through his “monsters under the bed” phase, but this is how our conversation went tonight as I was trying to get him settled down for bed. Lights were out and I was snuggling him.
Max: Mommy?
Me: mmm hummm
Max: Tonight, after I fall [...]

18 Sep

Birthday Luck

Wow! I usually don’t have this kind of luck, but I logged in to this morning to check the Treasury list and it was 2 minutes away from allowing new treasuries! Good thing I am dork enough to have a couple treasury collections all set and ready to go… so here is my Blueberry [...]

07 Jul

Tuesday Tweet Ta-dah

So since I am such a crappy blogger these days, I thought I’d start some easy… just get it done daily ideas to get me back in the game. Tuesdays, I am going to re-cap mah favorite tweet from the week. And yes, this week I am pathetic enough to post one of my own…
you [...]

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